Become a Diver

Become a Diver in Cozumel

Being aware that Cozumel owes spectacular reefs all over its west and southwest coast we encourage non-divers (snorkelers) to become a diver by offering a free introductory scuba dive lesson (otherwise known as a “Resort Course”) during their stay with us. This exiting lesson is sponsored by Dive Paradise, and it takes place in our beautiful swimming pool (the largest one in Cozumel).

If you decide to continue into a full certification course we highly recommend Dive Paradise’s Open Water Certification. This course includes a minimum of 4 open water dives over a 2-3 day period. Normal class hours are approximately 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Though DP cannot guarantee certification, they will work with problem students as long as possible (and your stay in Cozumel permits!). Most students complete the program as safe. 10 year olds may now become certified!

3 days US$390 + Open Water manual, Logbook, Recreational Dive planner, & RDP booklet. US$73 + Certification processing – PIC US$45, if PADI – – Equipment Included.